FR MDF Cut To Size

FR (Flame Retardant) MDF

Fire Retardant MDF (FR MDF) is an MDF panel developed specifically for use in situations where a EURO CLASS B or a EURO CLASS C FLAME RETARDANT MDF board is required under building regulations. The FR MDF supplied by The Timber Shop meets Euro Class C standards.

FR MDF is suitable for applications such as wall linings, partitions, display panels, ceilings etc. Or any element where a level of protection against spread of flame is desired.

The surface and core of FR MDF is traditionally red and is ideal for receiving paint finishes.. Edges of MR MDF require more preparation before finishing or can be edged with iron on edgings or solid hardwood lippings available from The Timber Shop. Care should be taken when choosing surface finishes so as not to detract from the properties of the FR panel.

FR MDF Cut to size

The Timber Shop would always recommend that appropriate extraction or Personal Protective Equipment is used should MDF be further cut or sanded.



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