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European Oak

European Oak

European (English) Oak (Quercus robur)

An European Hardwood with a light to medium brown heartwood commonly with an olive cast, although there can be variation in colour. The sapwood is light brown to white and is not always sharply demarcated from the heartwood. The grain is straight with a course uneven texture but depending on the growing conditions of the tree may have irregular or interlocked grain.

Maximum width of European Oak is 195mm. If you require a wider length please contact us on 01274 873597 or Email: sales@buywood.co.uk


Rot resistance: English Oak is rated as having very good resistance to decay and is often used in boat building applications.

Workability: Good results with both hand an machine tools. Can react with iron (particularly when wet) causing staining and discoloration. Responds well to steam-bending. Glues, stains and finishes well.


Average dried weight: 42lbs/ft3 (675kg/m3)

Average density: 45lb/ft3 (740kg/m3)

Common uses

Cabinetry, interior furniture, interior trim, flooring, boatbuilding.


Not listed in the CITES appendices and is reported by the IUCN as being a species of least concern.


Please note that machining costs are in addition to the cost of the wood and are shown separately in your shopping basket.

Standard European Oak planed timber sizes

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(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Planed European Oak L1000 × W20 × T6mm
£5.83 ex VAT, £7.00 inc VAT
0.09 kg£5.83£7.00
Planed European Oak L2000 × W20 × T6mm
£5.98 ex VAT, £7.18 inc VAT
0.17 kg£5.98£7.18
Planed European Oak L2400 × W20 × T6mm
£6.86 ex VAT, £8.23 inc VAT
0.2 kg£6.86£8.23
Planed European Oak L1000 × W25 × T10mm
£7.29 ex VAT, £8.75 inc VAT
0.18 kg£7.29£8.75
Planed European Oak L2000 × W25 × T10mm
£7.46 ex VAT, £8.95 inc VAT
0.35 kg£7.46£8.95
Planed European Oak L2400 × W25 × T10mm
£8.58 ex VAT, £10.30 inc VAT
0.42 kg£8.58£10.30
Planed European Oak L1000 × W32 × T10mm
£9.32 ex VAT, £11.18 inc VAT
0.23 kg£9.32£11.18
Planed European Oak L2000 × W32 × T10mm
£9.56 ex VAT, £11.47 inc VAT
0.45 kg£9.56£11.47
Planed European Oak L2400 × W32 × T10mm
£10.97 ex VAT, £13.16 inc VAT
0.54 kg£10.97£13.16
Planed European Oak L1000 × W44 × T12mm
£12.83 ex VAT, £15.40 inc VAT
0.37 kg£12.83£15.40
Planed European Oak L2000 × W44 × T12mm
£13.14 ex VAT, £15.77 inc VAT
0.75 kg£13.14£15.77
Planed European Oak L2400 × W44 × T12mm
£15.08 ex VAT, £18.10 inc VAT
0.9 kg£15.08£18.10
Planed European Oak L1000 × W44 × T20mm
£20.49 ex VAT, £24.59 inc VAT
0.62 kg£20.49£24.59
Planed European Oak L2000 × W44 × T20mm
£20.90 ex VAT, £25.08 inc VAT
1.24 kg£20.90£25.08
Planed European Oak L2400 × W44 × T20mm
£23.99 ex VAT, £28.79 inc VAT
1.49 kg£23.99£28.79