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Iroko (Milicia excelsa)

An African Hardwood with a yellow to golden or medium brown heartwood, which tends to darken over time. Pale yellow sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. With a medium to course texture with open pores and an interlocked grain.


Rot resistance: Iroko is very durable and is resistant to both rot and insect attack. It is sometimes used as a subsitute for Teak.

Workability: Generally easy to work with (interlocking grain may cause some tearout during surfacing operations). Occasionally deposits of calcium carbonate may be present which can have a dulling effect on cutters. Iroko glues and finishes well.


Average dried weight: 41lbs/ft3 (660kg/m3)

Average density: 660kg/m3

Common uses

Cabinetry, flooring, furniture, turned items, interior cladding, small speciality wood items.


Not listed in the CITES appendices but is on the IUCN red list. Listed as vulnerable due to a population reduction.


Please note that machining costs are in addition to the cost of the wood and are shown separately in your shopping basket.

African Hardwood

Standard Iroko planed timber sizes

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(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Planed Iroko L1000 × W20 × T6mm
£4.56 ex VAT, £5.47 inc VAT
0.08 kg£4.56£5.47
Planed Iroko L2000 × W20 × T6mm
£3.97 ex VAT, £4.76 inc VAT
0.16 kg£3.97£4.76
Planed Iroko L2400 × W20 × T6mm
£4.77 ex VAT, £5.72 inc VAT
0.19 kg£4.77£5.72
Planed Iroko L1000 × W25 × T10mm
£2.48 ex VAT, £2.98 inc VAT
0.17 kg£2.48£2.98
Planed Iroko L2000 × W25 × T10mm
£4.97 ex VAT, £5.96 inc VAT
0.34 kg£4.97£5.96
Planed Iroko L2400 × W25 × T10mm
£5.96 ex VAT, £7.15 inc VAT
0.4 kg£5.96£7.15
Planed Iroko L1000 × W32 × T10mm
£3.18 ex VAT, £3.82 inc VAT
0.22 kg£3.18£3.82
Planed Iroko L2000 × W32 × T10mm
£6.35 ex VAT, £7.62 inc VAT
0.43 kg£6.35£7.62
Planed Iroko L2400 × W32 × T10mm
£7.63 ex VAT, £9.16 inc VAT
0.52 kg£7.63£9.16
Planed Iroko L1000 × W44 × T12mm
£4.37 ex VAT, £5.24 inc VAT
0.35 kg£4.37£5.24
Planed Iroko L2000 × W44 × T12mm
£8.74 ex VAT, £10.49 inc VAT
0.71 kg£8.74£10.49
Planed Iroko L2400 × W44 × T12mm
£10.49 ex VAT, £12.59 inc VAT
0.85 kg£10.49£12.59
Planed Iroko L1000 × W44 × T20mm
£6.17 ex VAT, £7.40 inc VAT
0.59 kg£6.17£7.40
Planed Iroko L2000 × W44 × T20mm
£12.32 ex VAT, £14.78 inc VAT
1.18 kg£12.32£14.78
Planed Iroko L2400 × W44 × T20mm
£14.79 ex VAT, £17.75 inc VAT
1.42 kg£14.79£17.75