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Hard Maple (Acer saccharum)

A North American Hardwood.The sapwood of hard Maple is more commonly used that the heartwood. Sapwood colour range from nearly white to an off-white/cream colour and sometimes has a reddish of golden hue. The heartwood tends to be a darker reddish brown. Has a fine, even texture and the grain is generally straight but may be wavy.


Rot resistance: Maple is rated as non-durable to perishable and is susceptible to insect attack.

Workability: Hard Maple is fairly easy to work with using both hand and machine tools. Can have a tendency to burn when being machined with high-speed cutters such as a router. Turns, glues and finishes well (although blotches can occur when staining and pre-conditioner, gel stain or toner may be necessary to get an even colour).


Average dried weight: 42lbs/ft3 (675kg/m3)

Average density: 45lb/ft3 (740kg/m3)

Common uses

Flooring, doors, cutting boards, butcher blocks, workbenches, kitcen acbinets, stairs, handrails, turned objects and speciality wood items.


Not listed in the CITES appendices or on the IUCN red List of threatened species.


Please note that machining costs are in addition to the cost of the wood and are shown separately in your shopping basket.

Standard Maple planed timber sizes

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(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Planed Maple L1000 × W20 × T6mm
£4.10 ex VAT, £4.92 inc VAT
0.09 kg£4.10£4.92
Planed Maple L2000 × W20 × T6mm
£4.25 ex VAT, £5.10 inc VAT
0.18 kg£4.25£5.10
Planed Maple L2400 × W20 × T6mm
£4.88 ex VAT, £5.86 inc VAT
0.21 kg£4.88£5.86
Planed Maple L1000 × W25 × T10mm
£5.13 ex VAT, £6.16 inc VAT
0.19 kg£5.13£6.16
Planed Maple L2000 × W25 × T10mm
£5.31 ex VAT, £6.37 inc VAT
0.37 kg£5.31£6.37
Planed Maple L2400 × W25 × T10mm
£6.10 ex VAT, £7.32 inc VAT
0.45 kg£6.10£7.32
Planed Maple L1000 × W32 × T10mm
£6.56 ex VAT, £7.87 inc VAT
0.24 kg£6.56£7.87
Planed Maple L2000 × W32 × T10mm
£6.80 ex VAT, £8.16 inc VAT
0.48 kg£6.80£8.16
Planed Maple L2400 × W32 × T10mm
£7.80 ex VAT, £9.36 inc VAT
0.57 kg£7.80£9.36
Planed Maple L1000 × W44 × T12mm
£9.03 ex VAT, £10.84 inc VAT
0.39 kg£9.03£10.84
Planed Maple L2000 × W44 × T12mm
£9.34 ex VAT, £11.21 inc VAT
0.78 kg£9.34£11.21
Planed Maple L2400 × W44 × T12mm
£10.74 ex VAT, £12.89 inc VAT
0.94 kg£10.74£12.89
Planed Maple L1000 × W44 × T20mm
£12.99 ex VAT, £15.59 inc VAT
0.65 kg£12.99£15.59
Planed Maple L2000 × W44 × T20mm
£13.38 ex VAT, £16.06 inc VAT
1.31 kg£13.38£16.06
Planed Maple L2400 × W44 × T20mm
£15.38 ex VAT, £18.46 inc VAT
1.57 kg£15.38£18.46