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Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)

An Americian wood with a heartwood that is light cream to yellowish brown with occasional streaks of gray or green. Sapwood is pale yellow to white and is not alwasy clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Can also be seen in mineral stained colours ranging from dark purple to red, gren or yellow sometimes known as Rainbow Poplar. Colour tends to darken upon exposure to light. Grain is uniform and straight with a medium texture and a low natural luster.


Rot resistance: Heartwood is rated are being moderately durable to non-durable and is susceptable to insect attack.

Workability: Easy to work with, the only downside is its softness. Due to its low density, Poplar can sometimes leave fuzzy surfaces and edges during shaping or sanding. Glues well and can be polished or painted. During sanding it may be necessary to use fine grit sandpaper to obtain a smooth surface.


Average dried weight: 29lbs/ft3 (455kg/m3)

Average density: 25lbs/ft3 (400kg/m3)

Common uses

Interior furniture , kitchen cabinets, doors, paneling turning and carving.


Not listed in the CITES appendices or on the IUCN red List of threatened species.


Please note that machining costs are in addition to the cost of the wood and are shown separately in your shopping basket.

Standard Poplar planed timber sizes

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(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Planed Poplar L1000 × W20 × T6mm
£2.64 ex VAT, £3.17 inc VAT
0.06 kg£2.64£3.17
Planed Poplar L2000 × W20 × T6mm
£2.78 ex VAT, £3.34 inc VAT
0.13 kg£2.78£3.34
Planed Poplar L2400 × W20 × T6mm
£3.20 ex VAT, £3.84 inc VAT
0.15 kg£3.20£3.84
Planed Poplar L1000 × W25 × T10mm
£3.29 ex VAT, £3.95 inc VAT
0.13 kg£3.29£3.95
Planed Poplar L2000 × W25 × T10mm
£3.47 ex VAT, £4.16 inc VAT
0.27 kg£3.47£4.16
Planed Poplar L2400 × W25 × T10mm
£4.01 ex VAT, £4.81 inc VAT
0.32 kg£4.01£4.81
Planed Poplar L1000 × W32 × T10mm
£4.22 ex VAT, £5.06 inc VAT
0.17 kg£4.22£5.06
Planed Poplar L2000 × W32 × T10mm
£4.45 ex VAT, £5.34 inc VAT
0.34 kg£4.45£5.34
Planed Poplar L2400 × W32 × T10mm
£5.12 ex VAT, £6.14 inc VAT
0.41 kg£5.12£6.14
Planed Poplar L1000 × W44 × T12mm
£5.81 ex VAT, £6.97 inc VAT
0.28 kg£5.81£6.97
Planed Poplar L2000 × W44 × T12mm
£6.12 ex VAT, £7.34 inc VAT
0.56 kg£6.12£7.34
Planed Poplar L2400 × W44 × T12mm
£7.05 ex VAT, £8.46 inc VAT
0.67 kg£7.05£8.46
Planed Poplar L1000 × W44 × T20mm
£8.11 ex VAT, £9.73 inc VAT
0.47 kg£8.11£9.73
Planed Poplar L2000 × W44 × T20mm
£8.51 ex VAT, £10.21 inc VAT
0.93 kg£8.51£10.21
Planed Poplar L2400 × W44 × T20mm
£9.80 ex VAT, £11.76 inc VAT
1.12 kg£9.80£11.76