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Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum)

An African hardwood with a heartwood that is golden to dark reddish brown in colour which tends to darken with age. Sapele is known for a wide variety of figured grain patterns such as ribbon, pommele, wuilted, motled, wavy, beeswaxing and fiddleback. Grain is interlocked and sometimes wavy with a fine uniform texture and good natural luster.


Rot resistance: Heartwood ranges from moderate to very durable with regard to decay resistance. Has moderte insect/borer resistance.

Workability: Turns, glues and finishes well but can be troublesome when routing and planing. Also reacts when in direct contact with iron becoming discoloured and stained. Can have a slight blunting effect on cutters.


Average dried weight: 42lbs/ft3 (670kg/m3)

Average density: 640kg/m3

Common uses

Veneer, plywood, furniture, cabinetry, flooring, turned objects and other small wooden items.


Not listed in the CITES appendices but is on the IUCN red list. Listed as vulnerable due to a population reduction.


Please note that machining costs are in addition to the cost of the wood and are shown separately in your shopping basket.

African Hardwood

Standard Sapele planed timber sizes

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(Ex VAT)
(Inc VAT)
Planed Sapele L1000 × W20 × T6mm
£3.86 ex VAT, £4.63 inc VAT
0.08 kg£3.86£4.63
Planed Sapele L2000 × W20 × T6mm
£4.01 ex VAT, £4.81 inc VAT
0.15 kg£4.01£4.81
Planed Sapele L2400 × W20 × T6mm
£4.60 ex VAT, £5.52 inc VAT
0.18 kg£4.60£5.52
Planed Sapele L1000 × W25 × T10mm
£4.82 ex VAT, £5.78 inc VAT
0.16 kg£4.82£5.78
Planed Sapele L2000 × W25 × T10mm
£5.00 ex VAT, £6.00 inc VAT
0.32 kg£5.00£6.00
Planed Sapele L2400 × W25 × T10mm
£5.75 ex VAT, £6.90 inc VAT
0.38 kg£5.75£6.90
Planed Sapele L1000 × W32 × T10mm
£6.17 ex VAT, £7.40 inc VAT
0.2 kg£6.17£7.40
Planed Sapele L2000 × W32 × T10mm
£6.41 ex VAT, £7.69 inc VAT
0.41 kg£6.41£7.69
Planed Sapele L2400 × W32 × T10mm
£7.36 ex VAT, £8.83 inc VAT
0.49 kg£7.36£8.83
Planed Sapele L1000 × W44 × T12mm
£8.50 ex VAT, £10.20 inc VAT
0.34 kg£8.50£10.20
Planed Sapele L2000 × W44 × T12mm
£8.81 ex VAT, £10.57 inc VAT
0.67 kg£8.81£10.57
Planed Sapele L2400 × W44 × T12mm
£10.13 ex VAT, £12.16 inc VAT
0.81 kg£10.13£12.16
Planed Sapele L1000 × W44 × T20mm
£10.82 ex VAT, £12.98 inc VAT
0.56 kg£10.82£12.98
Planed Sapele L2000 × W44 × T20mm
£11.22 ex VAT, £13.46 inc VAT
1.12 kg£11.22£13.46
Planed Sapele L2400 × W44 × T20mm
£12.91 ex VAT, £15.49 inc VAT
1.34 kg£12.91£15.49