Veneered MDF Cut To Size

Veneered MDF provides many of the advantages of MDF with a decorative wood veneer surface layer. In modern construction, spurred by the high costs of hardwoods, this approach has been adopted to achieve a high quality finish wrap covering over a standard MDF board. Most timber species can be produced as a veneered board and The Timber Shop offers a good range of these. Making veneered MDF is a complex procedure, which involves taking an extremely thin slice of hardwood (approx 1-2mm thick) and then through high pressure and stretching methods applying them to MDF boards.

Veneered MDF cut to size

Edges of Veneered MDF boards can be finished off with matching iron on veneer edging strip available from The Timber Shop or for solid hardwood lippings please speak to our sales team who will be able to advise on what we can supply.

Veneered MDF is ideally suited for manufacturing all items of furniture for domestic, commercial and retail environments and whilst all of the veneered MDF products that The Timber Shop supplies are dispatched un-finished, the beauty of the natural timber grains can be brought out with stains and polishes which The Timber Shop are happy to provide.